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The OCC Sailing Center Association

The OCC Sailing Center Association (OCC SA) is a group of enthusiastic sailors who combine their love of sailing with a spirit of volunteerism.  Members are instrumental in making the Sailing Center an even better place to be by assisting with classes, special events and maintenance.  In return the OCC SA organize "members only" events such as day sails, Holiday Boat Parade viewing and guest speakers.  The OCC SA was started in 1995 and averages 200 members a year.  Meetings are held at the Sailing Center on the last Monday of each month.  Combe by and see what all the excitement is about.

Joining the OCC SA helps the Sailing Center and opens more sailing opportunities for you. Stop by or call the School office for more information.

A low membership fee of $100 ($75 renewal) provides association members with these benefits

*  10% of most on-the-water and evening courses (one day and package courses excluded)
*  Rental priviliges of Lidos and Shields (passing grade on written and practical test required)
*  Placement on the Sailing Center crew list for racing and cruising opportunities.
*  SCA racing, cruising and social events.
*  News letter and E-News


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